Redcatco have been delivering solutions to difficult business problems using social technology for half a decade. By combining a unique blend of consulting, training, production and development, we help businesses become more productive and effective. Our customers tell us that we have a unique ability to cut through the jargon, and offer practical solutions that build highly engaged communities, with conversations that create real value.

We combine a deep understanding of Social Technologies with our expertise in human communication and behaviour, based on current academic research in both psychology and information management. By focusing on the human aspects of technology for communication, marketing and productivity we creating better connections between people, products and markets. Some people call it Social Business, we just call it common sense.


We believe that people are at their most productive when they make a positive contribution to the community around them, and  that is reflected in our stance on sustainability, corporate responsibility and community relations. We are headquartered in the UK, and work internationally, with extensive experience in the US and Europe. We are used to working across different cultures, and value diversity.

Our combined expertise in technology and human factors enables us to deliver more productive employees, more effective partnerships, and ultimately a better business for you.