Goodbye Posterous

Today is Posterous’s last day. Posterous started in July 2008 and was a great and easy way to share  short-form blog content, and it rapidly became popular. In fact so popular that Twitter acquired it last year. This was clearly a technology and talent acquisition rather than a platform one, and so a little while ago the […]

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Writing Good Web Copy

Want to write better web copy? I’ve got back to some fairly heavy-duty blogging recently, just as Google retire Google Reader. The trip inspired me to add a some suggestions for web writing: Whose words are these? Remember how you use Google to search for ‘stuff’: people do not search for adjectives / adverbs, they search […]

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Is Ghost Blogging Ethical?

This is part 1 of 4 in a series of posts inspired by Steve Farnsworth. I was nudged to join in by Steve Lamb (his post is up already), and so here I am, blogging about the ethics and issues of Ghost Blogging. Before we go any further, I would like to point out that I […]

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Why Blog?

This post has been lurking in my drafts folder for a while, but watching a video on openforum provided me with the stimulus to post it. Why Blog? The reasons for a personal and for a business blog are not all the dissimilar. A long ago I stated my reasons for blogging, and those haven’t […]

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Twitter – Trick or Tweet?

OK, it is well past Halloween, but I’ve only just really started to get to grips with Twitter. Writing about Twitter is fairly binary, either it is going to be old news to you or you will be going ‘what is Twitter?’. If you’ve heard of it, you will either be loving it or hating […]

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Ways of Keeping a Record

…Seth Godin suggests a novel way of keeping a diary: Use a private (or internal) blog! Regular readers will remember that I think diaries are a great way to plan ahead. Using a blog is a novel idea, but there are various tools that can be used…

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Personal Development Blog List

I was Tagged by Priscilla Palmer and added to her Personal Development blog list, which is becoming something of a buzz in the blogosphere and is definitely a who’s who of personal development blogging! Thank you Priscilla!

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