Don’t go out with beautiful ideas

A good idea is just a thought, but thoughts grow. Be aware that new ideas turn into beliefs. Beliefs turn into behaviors. Over time, behaviors turn into habits, and habits define our character. Watch those ideas! Our natural tendency We willingly take on attractive ideas, often without questioning them. They just look good, don’t they? […]

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Ready. Aim. Focus. What’s the point?

What is the value of focus? Why have a mission? Should you set goals for yourself? I’ll warn you now, I  this is a long one, but you’ll get something good out of it I am sure! In the beginning At the start of my career I was trained as a teacher, a domain where […]

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Shaken, not stirred! First things first…

Well, it is obviously one of those months! I was involved in a fairly serious crash this week. Two days later, I revisited the scene of the accident and realised that I came within 20 feet of death, or at least certain major injuries. As it happens I did get away with no major injuries, […]

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Letting Go

I wrote on Christmas eve about “One Ends Another One Begins” – about somethings ending so that you can start others. That is the decision point. The crunch comes when the decision becomes an action. Decisions don’t really impact the world until they are actions. Faith without works is dead – why? Because you don’t […]

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Pause for Thought – The Three Second Rule

I’ve been quiet for a few days, as I have had an enforced pause. An international flight ran into problems, and I ended up with 8 hours of the night stranded in an empty airport, away from connectivity and most of my belongings. Pauses are powerful things. Time to reflect. To think. Time to realise. […]

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A New Year of WOWNDADI!

A new year! And a happy one for you and me I hope. A fresh start to working out what needs doing, and doing it! I’m starting the year with a clean(er) slate and a fresh(er) set of goals to guide me. Clearer focus and greater hope. 2006 was a pivotal year, 2007 will be […]

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