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Mass Collaboration – Snow Joke

Snow seems to be the theme of the week. My house isĀ buriedĀ under the heaviest snow fall seen for 18 years. Inches deep. Now that might be a light dusting where you come from, but around here it is enough to bring the country to a standstill. But unlike 18 years ago, this time I knew […]

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Going Hyper-Local – Location Based Internet

Over the last year I’ve been playing with a number of location based services. I should explain my fascination, since it is even stranger than you think. Way back when I first encountered communications networks I was gripped by the way they enabled me to reach across geographies. Suddenly I could speak with people all […]

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Caught by CauseWired

Hang on to the furniture, this post is going to be a bit of a ride. I’m holding Tom Watson and his CauseWired book responsible. I normally read a book very quickly, I’m almost legendary for my tree digesting abilities. I read. I mark with scraps of paper. I digest, note and move on.

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