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Social Decision Making – Shirky JP and Democracy

This is the second post on Clay Shirky’s talk at LSE, looking at some of the same issues raised, but in the context of decision making and crowd sourced wisdom. I hinted at some of my thoughts in the previous post (Mass Collaboration Snow Joke), and JP has also blogged about it, based on Clay […]

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Mass Collaboration – Snow Joke

Snow seems to be the theme of the week. My house is buried under the heaviest snow fall seen for 18 years. Inches deep. Now that might be a light dusting where you come from, but around here it is enough to bring the country to a standstill. But unlike 18 years ago, this time I knew […]

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Social Media – Do Conversations Scale?

I should start by explaining how I come at this problem space. By history I am a network guy. I spent most of the 90’s thinking about networks, breaking networks, building networks and alternating between creating the mess and clearing it up as the Internet grew. More recently I’ve buried myself in the human aspects of technology, leading […]

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