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Do Your Employees Dance?

Bees are viewed as hyper productive, industrious creatures, working away industriously. The bee hive is the very model of business, full of busy bees. But what do they teach us about business?

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Avoiding a Business Communication Crisis

Hey, that’s your business! Or it could be. Vandals pulled a large number of BT cables out of the ground in our local town (Camberley), leaving thousands of people and hundreds of businesses without their phones. It will take weeks to repair all of the damage. Sadly, with the increasing value of the copper in phone […]

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Is Broadcasting Something to Shout About?

What is happening to traditional broadcasters? Who are the new broadcasters? How should we use broadcast media? What is broadcast media becoming? How do companies communicate in the emerging broadcast world order? These were just some of the topics from the Rebecca Caroe/Creative Agency Secrets “Should Brands be Broadcasters?” event. It stimulated lots of thinking, and there […]

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E-mail 2.0

How are we doing with email? How did we do without it? Or would we be better off without it. A number of things have put e-mail at the top of the discussion list in recent weeks, from blogs to national TV. The BBC’s Money programme covered the topic last friday (March the 7th – […]

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Larry Lessig – Copyright and Great Presenting

I’m a regular follower of TED, watching as many of the TED talks as my Mac can take. The talks range from inspirational to informative, and sometimes they are both. Larry Lessig’s recently posted TED talk is fascinating, both for its content and for the way that he uses slides in his presentation. It was […]

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See it, hear it – not the death of powerpoint

Very good article over on Presentation Zen: Is it finally time to ditch PowerPoint? The actionable take aways and triggered thoughts for me: The research referenced is a good confirmation that it makes sense to draw a diagram (or create something visual) when talking with people. It helps to create focus. It also assists people […]

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e-mailing your way to oblivion

Is it just me, or are e-mail and productivity at work just two things that don’t belong in the same sentence together? I find it amazing that companies invest so much money in deploying e-mail systems and yet spend nothing on training people to communicate effectively with them. Perhaps you work in a company that […]

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