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A Perspective on Community

This post is a narrative on thoughts about community in and around the on-line world. It’s not complete, possibly not coherent, and is long. However, it does represents the output of a fascinating and thought provoking roundtable discussion convened by Bernie Mitchell, in the company of Misae Richwoods, Simon Darling, Filip Matous, Julie Hall at […]

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Community Relations

Friday is Audana’s Social Media in Business ’10 aka SMiB, in London, and just like last years Social Media in Business event, I’ll be interviewing many of the speakers via ipadio in the run up. The theme of this year’s event is community relations. I think the term nicely encapsulates how “forum moderation” has grown […]

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BootStrapCamp – Starting From Nothing But a Community

August is meant to be a quiet month, but it definitely isn’t here – things are starting up left, right and centre. I like that. I’m generally a fan of starting things, especially starting them with minimal means. I know that might sound less than exciting, but my experience has been that creativity starts where […]

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Engaging Employees – Social Media Inside

Are you happy in your job? Do you know what is expected of you in your role? If you answered yes to both, you are in a privileged minority. According to John H. Fleming, Chief Scientist at Gallup Consulting, 43% of employees in the UK are not engaged at work, while 17% are actively disengaged – […]

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How To Dance Your Way To A Crowd

Yes, it’s a YouTube video. But do watch it, it’s a 3 minute 6 second lesson in launching a product or building a community. Filmed during the Sasquatch music festival last weekend, the character in this video danced his way to a following. However, the lesson isn’t about him, it is about the crowd. Here’s a […]

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One Thing To Get Through Tough Times

There’s a spate of posts on “things to do to get through the current economic climate“. I have to confess most of them washed past me. It is not that they didn’t have good advice, it is just that it was mostly things that should be done at the best of times too. Likewise, at each […]

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