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Speeding Your E-mail

There has been a big increase in the amount of e-mail I am receiving of late. It has prompted me to revisit my rules for dealing with it. Here are three simple rules to get you through the interminable torrents of e-mail that much more efficiently. The first e-mail rule: Touch each e-mail message but […]

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E-mail 2.0

How are we doing with email? How did we do without it? Or would we be better off without it. A number of things have put e-mail at the top of the discussion list in recent weeks, from blogs to national TV. The BBC’s Money programme covered the topic last friday (March the 7th – […]

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7 Common E-mail Mistakes and How Not To Make Them

A heavy e-mail week has lead to this post! It is finally time to write up the most common e-mail mistakes, and how not to make them, with special thanks to Chris Butler and his post on e-mail etiquette, via Twitter. These are my own experiences, add your own to the comments. Not putting a […]

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Preventing The Next Foot-in-Mouth Outbreak

The local roads are decorated with “Foot and Mouth” notices, as another outbreak sets in around my home here in the UK. Infectious diseases are nasty things, with an amazing ability to propagate rapidly and to do great damage in the process. There is also a communication affliction that is now infectious, thanks to email: […]

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e-mailing your way to oblivion

Is it just me, or are e-mail and productivity at work just two things that don’t belong in the same sentence together? I find it amazing that companies invest so much money in deploying e-mail systems and yet spend nothing on training people to communicate effectively with them. Perhaps you work in a company that […]

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Winning battles – starting with the inbox

I’m a great believer in systems and analysis. In fact I think the whole world is one big interconnected system… But that’s a story for another day. One of the systems that is the biggest challenge to working out what needs doing and doing it is the email inbox. In most companies the email inbox […]

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