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Too Late To Learn?

Tortoises. That’s it. Tortoises. We all need to be like tortoises. I’ve been listening to what John Cleese has to say in the video clip here, which is what got me thinking about them. I have to admit, it wasn’t where I started thinking. You might not associate tortoises with creativity or learning, but they […]

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A Little Bit of Philosophy Really Does Make You Smart

This is a follow up from a post in February of this year – A little bit of philosophy makes you smart… – about the effect of teaching primary school children thinking skills.

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Miss Educating a Nation

This week the UK government announced changes to the school curriculum. A radical shake up to deal with the new knowledge economy? Not quite. The coverage over at the BBC spins it well, spin being the appropriate term. The launch was at that great institute of learning, Lord’s Cricket ground. Spinning cricket balls and spun […]

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A Little Bit of Philosophy Makes You Smart – Apparently

I was fascinated by a news article from the BBC last week (Nursery pupils taught philosophy), about a recent initiative to teach philosophy to primary school children. The research has been going on for a while, but has just been published. There is a fuller story with more colour to it in the Educational Guardian […]

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