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Apple, iPhone and Business Productivity – Post Worldwide Developer Conference Keynote

The Apple WWDC keynote has just finished (finishing anyway!), with Steve Jobs having done his presentation magic on the stage (I’ll write up the actual presentation later in the week – there’s a tip or two to pick up as ever). A little talk on iPhone 2.0 and a few other items… The new 3G […]

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It’s the User Experience as much as the Technology!

All that is wrong with IT in a sentence? “I have nothing against iPhone. It’s great,” says Manjit Singh, CIO at Chiquita Brands International Inc. “But we’re a BlackBerry shop, and I don’t think iPhone brings anything new to the table. It has a great user experience, but that’s all.”

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Communicating With Yourself – More on the iPod and iPhone as a Universal GTD Capture Device

Sounds like Steve, over at Micro Persuasion is having excellent fun with his iPhone and Flikr for GTD. Bunk suggests getting a pen and paper. Bunk, where’s the geek in you? That’s far too efficient and environmentally friendly! All of this did trigger some interesting and useful thoughts though, I promise…

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