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Too Late To Learn?

Tortoises. That’s it. Tortoises. We all need to be like tortoises. I’ve been listening to what John Cleese has to say in the video clip here, which is what got me thinking about them. I have to admit, it wasn’t where I started thinking. You might not associate tortoises with creativity or learning, but they […]

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Open Learning – Determined People with Tenacious Goals

The Open University learning environment is a technology-mediated communication role model. Even so, the OU still brings learners together for ‘real-world’ events. That has been the reason for a no blog posts this last week – I have been working my little socks off at Bath University, conducting research projects with a few hundred other people. I […]

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Learning Your Way to a Better Memory

One of the great things about David Alan’s Getting Things Done (aka GTD) is that you don’t have to remember anything. “Get it out of your head” David says. My memory has improved since I started using GTD to keep my head clear. If you are using GTD, you’re not using your memory for trivia […]

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Communicating With Yourself – More on the iPod and iPhone as a Universal GTD Capture Device

Sounds like Steve, over at Micro Persuasion is having excellent fun with his iPhone and Flikr for GTD. Bunk suggests getting a pen and paper. Bunk, where’s the geek in you? That’s far too efficient and environmentally friendly! All of this did trigger some interesting and useful thoughts though, I promise…

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