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The Broadcast Anomaly

South by South West Interteractive was even more of a whirlwind than I imagined it would be, and I had imagined it being frenetic. The event brings together people from the film, music and digital interactive spaces, which provides a rich context in which to talk about the future of marketing. In between the Digital […]

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Is Broadcasting Something to Shout About?

What is happening to traditional broadcasters? Who are the new broadcasters? How should we use broadcast media? What is broadcast media becoming? How do companies communicate in the emerging broadcast world order? These were just some of the topics from the Rebecca Caroe/Creative Agency Secrets “Should Brands be Broadcasters?” event. It stimulated lots of thinking, and there […]

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Seth Godin on Meatball Sundaes

Seth Godin’s books are compulsory reading for any marketer. His latest, Meatball Sundae, is stuck in my inbox, behind a few textbooks. So, I found a way to get it to jump the queue, courtesy of SF Entrepreneur who hosted a call with Seth, which I joined just now. I don’t agree with everything Seth says, but…

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There are some conversations that we are afraid of. An awkward subject raised with a boss. A difficult exchange with a close relative. Explaining bad news. These are understood. There are also conversations that are awkward for a business. A discussion on the web about problems with a product, poor financial results, internal conflicts – […]

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