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Randomness, Virtualisation and Getting Things Done

This may be random. For once, I am speechless. Or at least wordless. You know me. That doesn’t happen. Ever. I might go quiet, but that is different from not having something to say. Perhaps it is all the different threads in my head? There are big Redcatco projects in the wings, new blogs to […]

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How to Deal With Being Overwhelmed at Work 2

WOWNDADI is on top of the world. Well, Alltop specifically, sitting on the alltop lifehacks page, together with some familiar names. Not everyone is feeling on top of the world though. Apparently the UK has a crisis of management, with a lack of people with the skills to motivate and manage staff. It probably isn’t […]

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How to Deal with Being Overwhelmed at Work

People are increasingly overwhelmed by their work I confess it happens to me sometimes. So, how do you avoid it and what do you do about it when it happens? There are a set of practical steps that you can take to get back on track. Follow this list and get back on top of […]

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Overwhelmed by the to do list? Get back on track and stay on track

I have to confess that I am a bit of a recovering to do list addict. I’m not sure which bit of me is, but I do know that I used to have a to do list with hundreds of items on it. I almost had a sense of pride in the length of my […]

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