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FOAF – Building Networks With a Friend of a Friend

FOAF? What’s it all about then? Technology is terrible for having interesting things buried in acronyms or abbreviations. FOAF is one of those gems and I’ve been intending to write about it for a long while. Thank you to Dave Terrar (and  weaverluke) for the nudge. These days we are all a bit social on-line. We have always been […]

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Dunbar’s Number – Groups, Language and Social Media

The Dunbar number regularly gets bandied around in social media circles, and for good reason. However, it is usually misunderstood. In today’s hyper-connected world, where technology lets us have hundreds (if not thousands) of ‘friends’, people are increasingly interested in understanding what the human limits on maintaining human friendships might be, and why. Real world relationships have […]

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The Complete Bounds of Our Social Networks – Part I

I have been pondering the ideal size of a community of late – be it a company (successful companies are communities too), a circle of friends or the user base for a wiki or a forum. Of course, I am not the first to ponder the question, nor will I be the last. Paul Graham […]

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Not So Private Data

The issue of identity information isn’t as simple as private or public, unshared or shared. In the Internet age, searchablility and discoverability are also factors, as well as the more granular way we can choose to share data. Computers give the illusion that we can control what we share and who we share it with. […]

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Who’s are you? The Question of stolen (bits of) identity

I was wandering the streets of London this week, in a productive way of course, when I saw a familiar face. I nodded and he nodded back. “Are you who I think you are?” I said. “Well, that very much depends on who you think I am, doesn’t it?” he said.

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