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The Power of Crowds – We Will Gather

One area that Social Media has revolutionised more than any other is crowdsourcing. It was one of the communication shifts that prompted the foundation of Redcatco, and was the topic of my talk at the first Social Media in Business event in the UK. At the time the focus was on sourcing information and ideas; […]

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Social Decision Making – Shirky JP and Democracy

This is the second post on Clay Shirky’s talk at LSE, looking at some of the same issues raised, but in the context of decision making and crowd sourced wisdom. I hinted at some of my thoughts in the previous post (Mass Collaboration Snow Joke), and JP has also blogged about it, based on Clay […]

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Networks and Notworks

How about a taxonomy of social media platforms? In helping people understand the different social networking tools I’ve found it helpful to build a taxonomy of the components around social software. This is one way of viewing things, there are others that are equally valid, but for my purposes I was after something simple and functional. […]

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Open Learning – Determined People with Tenacious Goals

The Open University learning environment is a technology-mediated communication role model. Even so, the OU still brings learners together for ‘real-world’ events. That has been the reason for a no blog posts this last week – I have been working my little socks off at Bath University, conducting research projects with a few hundred other people. I […]

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Do Your Employees Dance?

Bees are viewed as hyper productive, industrious creatures, working away industriously. The bee hive is the very model of business, full of busy bees. But what do they teach us about business?

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Are You Paying Attention?

As we are supposedly living in an attention economy (amongst other things), and I am reading a few books on perceptual psychology, it seemed like a good idea to do a quick blog post about attention. I say seemed like a good idea… I got distracted! That’s the problem with all of these things competing […]

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Social Creatures in Need of Social Software

I was going to leave this as a comment on Luke’s blog, but it got a little too long. Luke’s post “Stone age brains and the social web” is based on the “All In The Mind” podcast episode “Stone Age brains in 21st century skulls.” Luke’s blog provides some great insights on user experience, and the Australian “All In The Mind” podcast features interviews with a diverse range of Psychologists. This is a bit of a woven path, but it is interesting when it comes together. Hopefully you can see where this is going – If you can, hold on to the wheel.

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