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A Blogging Mirror

Now here’s a brilliant concept, via Ross Mason: A blogging mirror – you talk it blogs! Ross Mason’s twitter message caught my eye because I had been pondering the use of blogs as a mirror – a personal diary to reflect back on previous thoughts and opinions. A way of seeing yourself, or your organisation, with the perspective […]

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From Low-Tech to Hi-Tech – Lifehacking with SpinVox

Hours and hours with no web, no phone and no conversation… …it is all too easy to forget what a few hours of zero distraction, zero access to external information and 100% focus are like…

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Never Loose Your Voice Again – It’s Your Future

My last visit to the Tuttle Club was unexpectedly fruitful. After the crowds had cleared, Spinvox lead a very thought provoking session on “The Future of Voice”. It touched on many things that are dear to my heart. I have been involved in communications technology for over 30 years, and in that time much has changed. However, all my reminiscing about acoustic couplers and the founders of Apple inc hacking phone networks is pushed to the back of my mind as I think about the future ahead.

Today I can pick up a phone and call anyone I know, anywhere on the planet. Many of us have known no different all our lives.

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