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More on the Death of Free – Marketing

The post on Three Reasons Free Will Eat Itself drew a fair bit of attention. To be clear, I’m not anti-free by any means – I think it can be a great marketing tool – it’s just that it is a very slippery one. For your business (or even yourself) to stand out, you need to be noticeably different […]

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Three Reasons Free Will Eat Itself

It’s the meme that wouldn’t die, but die it should… Last week I attended the Chinwag Live ‘Freeconomics’ session in London, and not long before that I listened to Guy Kawasaki interviewing Chris Anderson at South by South West. While Chris dodged Guy’s low-ball questions out at SXSWi, and focussed on promoting his new book (which may […]

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Where Are You Going? Vision, Mission and Values – Part II – Vision

There are a number of different ways to arrive at a mission statement. I’ve always found the easiest first step is to clarify your vision. Where is it that you plan to go? As well as being one of Covey’s seven habits, beginning with the end in mind is the basis for all good planning. […]

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Where Are You Going? Vision, Mission and Values – Part I

Strategically Speaking Serendipity is putting mission and strategy in the middle of my world. They are curiously emotive terms, dividing people into either cynics or firm believers in a single breath. My passion for strategic planning has caused me to dig into these topics many times over the years. I firmly believe that you get […]

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