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Twitter to Replace the Phone?

Who needs telephones? We’ve got Twitter! Phone calls are all good and well, but by the time you’ve looked up the number, dialled it, listened to the ring tone and got through to the person you are trying to reach – or left the inevitable recorded message – you could have made a cup of coffee […]

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The Social Media Expert – Wicked Problems And Failure

Twitter played host to a passionate discussion about social media experts earlier this week, kicked off by a blog post:  6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Brand Yourself as a Social Media Expert by Dan Schawbel, who describes himself as “the leading personal branding expert for Gen-Y” – reading the post I would say he’s wrong on […]

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Caught by a Spy – Easier Than it Sounds

If you are a regular Twitter user, you might have noticed that half of the world seems to have become a spy catcher of late. It turns that catching a spy via Twitter is easier than you might think. It also has some consequences for  social capital, information security and general communication noise too. You are a very fortunate individual […]

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Replying Via Twitter

Today’s Twitter rage prompts me to write about @Replies. The habit of putting an “@” symbol in front of a Twitter message, to ‘direct’ it towards another user – has a curious history. They weren’t part of the original design of Twitter, which started as a micro-blogging platform, not an instant messaging system. As early […]

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Twestival (updated)

It started with a conversation, and is ending in hundreds of events around the world. Tonight I am on BBC ONE talking about Twitter, and hopefully not sounding too much like a geek. I was on the evening news talking about Twitter: Twittering On BBC. People in the UK and all around the world have dedicated much […]

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Social Decision Making – Shirky JP and Democracy

This is the second post on Clay Shirky’s talk at LSE, looking at some of the same issues raised, but in the context of decision making and crowd sourced wisdom. I hinted at some of my thoughts in the previous post (Mass Collaboration Snow Joke), and JP has also blogged about it, based on Clay […]

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Social Media – Do Conversations Scale?

I should start by explaining how I come at this problem space. By history I am a network guy. I spent most of the 90’s thinking about networks, breaking networks, building networks and alternating between creating the mess and clearing it up as the Internet grew. More recently I’ve buried myself in the human aspects of technology, leading […]

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