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Power up your business with a Wiki

Reading a recent post on David Tebbutt’s blog – You calling me a consultant? – took me to: What’s the real value of social software in enterprise from Adriana Lukas, which leads us to this post…

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Ways of Keeping a Record

…Seth Godin suggests a novel way of keeping a diary: Use a private (or internal) blog! Regular readers will remember that I think diaries are a great way to plan ahead. Using a blog is a novel idea, but there are various tools that can be used…

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Wikipedia – A Means not an End

It was one of Seth Godin’s posts that kicked this thought chain off. I’m a regular follower of his blog, and normally I nod sagely at his wisdom, but for once I’m shaking my head furiously. Why? Because of the wikipedia gap. I’m thinking of it more as a chasm. I have recently restarted academic […]

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