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Writing Good Web Copy

Want to write better web copy? I’ve got back to some fairly heavy-duty blogging recently, just as Google retire Google Reader. The trip inspired me to add a some suggestions for web writing: Whose words are these? Remember how you use Google to search for ‘stuff’: people do not search for adjectives / adverbs, they search […]

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Is Ghost Blogging Ethical?

This is part 1 of 4 in a series of posts inspired by Steve Farnsworth. I was nudged to join in by Steve Lamb (his post is up already), and so here I am, blogging about the ethics and issues of Ghost Blogging. Before we go any further, I would like to point out that I […]

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Creating Valuable Artefacts

Artefacts – things left behind by ancient civilisations. Tangible items that remain, things that you can see and hold, that give a sense of history. “Create valuable artefacts.” I’m not sure where the phrase originated, but it is one that has stuck with me for many years. It might have come from a conversation with a developer, in talking […]

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Little Pixels in Communication – Are your pauses clear?

A broken car journey, a neglected book and a bit of discourse analysis all came together this week. Perhaps I can open your eyes to the importance of some rather special tiny pixels.

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