B2BHuddle – With Brian Solis

This post is based on a Storify of the B2Bhuddle event on Friday. I’ll follow up with a post on the round table shortly, but wanted to share some of the thoughts and insights that came up during the talk Brian Solis gave, and the interactions on Twitter. Richard Bagnall@richardbagnall “Only 34% of social marketers use […]

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Unbreaking The Workplace

Business Books

Last week’s APA “Healthy Workplace Awards” should have been a celebration of all that is good in the work place, and they were. Congratulations to APA’s 2013 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award Winners. Employee engagement matters, study after study has shown that it is one of the most significant factors in a business’s success. The winners represent […]

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WHY Communication Is So Important

A couple of weeks ago, a dozen or so of us gathered in a cosy room next to Whitehall, to meet with Evernote CEO, Phil Libin, and some of the team. It was great to hear the inside story of Evernote and news of upcoming features (if you haven’t tried Evernote, download it and give it a go), […]

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The Participation Pyramid

One of the most often cited statistics, when it comes to conversations about the percentage of people who contribute content versus people consuming it, is the 90-10-1 rule. You can read the original post from Jakob Nielsen’s blog, or there is a shorter summary on wikipatterns. It is usually mentioned in the same breath as […]

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A Perspective on Community

This post is a narrative on thoughts about community in and around the on-line world. It’s not complete, possibly not coherent, and is long. However, it does represents the output of a fascinating and thought provoking roundtable discussion convened by Bernie Mitchell, in the company of Misae Richwoods, Simon Darling, Filip Matous, Julie Hall at […]

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The New Business of Business

In 20 years of working in industry I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly, as well as the amazingly brilliant when it comes to business operating models. I have worked in organisations that have practised new models, to different degrees. The results were some of the fastest growing, and most successful, businesses in history. […]

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Geeknrolla – Start Ups Marketing and Money

In some senses, this post is a part II to raising finance for your business. Tuesday’s TechCrunch Geek n Rolla event brought together business start up hopefuls and experienced old hands from around Europe. The passion and enthusiasm of TechCrunch’s Mike Butcher in supporting the European start up scene is a joy to see. The scene […]

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