This post is based on a  of the B2Bhuddle event on Friday. I’ll follow up with a post on the round table shortly, but wanted to share some of the thoughts and insights that came up during the talk Brian Solis gave, and the interactions on Twitter.
  1. “Only 34% of social marketers use clear metrics to link social strategies with business goals & outcomes” @briansolis #B2Bhuddle
  2. Two thirds of the room have skipped the instruction manual & searched YouTube for a video instead. Take note product marketers! #B2Bhuddle
  3. “Doesn’t matter what we call social media; what matters is how people behave when using it and what we can learn from that” #B2Bhuddle
  4. Whats the future of business?
    Follow #b2bhuddle later today for some insights from thought leaders inc. @briansolis
  5. #Socialmedia stays within a silo until it creates value for an organisation and then forces a re-think. @briansolis #b2bhuddle
  6. #b2bhuddle What will drive #socbiz change? Simply consumer consumption will force change = #youthquake HT @katyhowell @briansolis
  7. One stat from @briansolis at #B2Bhuddle that is sad (for me) – 44% of companies don’t plan to hire anyone to do data analysis. REALLY?!
  8. #b2bhuddle @Sheldrake Future of #socbiz, no org charts; empower individuals w/ understanding of their value to org & coalesce w/ #likeminds
  9. Find new ways to be more than innovative. Be genuinely helpful for customers to be disruptive
    #B2Bhuddle @briansolis
  10. Home and armed with charged tech! Many thanks to @briansolis for his talk at #B2Bhuddle lovely to put faces to tweets & meet some new ones
  11. Amused by this photobomb on my phone from tonight – can you spot @richardbagnall? 🙂 #B2Bhuddle
  12. If the social investment was bigger, if we applied a balanced scorecard then we can push for digital transformation #B2Bhuddle
  13. @briansolis talking about the importance of leadership, vision, purpose, story and values in b2b. I actually want to high-5 him #b2bhuddle
  14. The best B2B companies are those that are adapting to the B2B2C model and putting the end user at the heart of their strategy #B2Bhuddle
  15. Think beyond social media. It’s the first step in a journey towards designing and creating customer experiences. @briansolis #B2Bhuddle
  16. Even the most senior people make decisions emotional & relationally. Yes you need the numbers, but you need the relationship too #B2Bhuddle
  17. I have found it! The Future of business is here! @simonjhughes #b2bhuddle
  18. #b2bhuddle the customer journey is not a funnel. Using that model is audacious today @briansolis
  19. My book is all about getting technology to communicate…… @briansolis #b2bhuddle
  20. RT @AllthingsIC “Employee engagement = key to success.” @briansolis < Yup. Essential for every business, engaged emp are crucial #B2Bhuddle
  21. customer journey is not a funnel at all. And it never ends. It’s defined by the influence loop says @briansolis #B2Bhuddle
  22. Born digital: products which work across all devices & platforms #b2bhuddle
  23. This is the “cluster funnel” @briansolis
    It’s breaking/broken/wrong #B2Bhuddle
  24. Born Digital – if you an conceive and implement strategies that work across all devices and platforms< Huge opp. for innovation #B2BHuddle
  25. “Employee engagement = key to success.” @briansolis < Yup. Essential for every business, engaged emp are crucial #B2Bhuddle
  26. “Use technology to make you more relevant.” @briansolis – tools provide leverage to solve problems, start with the problems. #B2Bhuddle
  27. business needs to appreciate that they are serving a connected audience and to ignore that is folly #B2Bhuddle
  28. Listening to @briansolis #b2bhuddle the connection economy is about brands people want to respond to > action potential #wtf #synapses
  29. Need to engage with new customer journeys in business -can’t expect customers to act as they always have #B2BHuddle #bizreimagined
  30. RT @duncanburford The companies that win, that use technology to enliven their vision, start from scratch – @briansolis #B2Bhuddle
  31. #b2bhuddle Your employees speak about your companies online and reach your customers. Take care of your vision.
  32. The companies that win, that use technology to enliven their vision, start from scratch – @briansolis #B2Bhuddle
  33. RT @BereniceBory: We can’t look at one audience/market anymore. 3 groups: traditional, digital, connected @briansolis #B2Bhuddle
  34. Uh oh! @briansolis has put a quote up that is longer than 140 characters. Panic ensues in the room 😉 #b2bhuddle #SolisUK
  35. “This is not a tweet” @briansolis #b2bhuddle
    Beg to differ… It’s gold!
  36. @katyhowell but what about all that brand equity (sunk costs)? Cc@briansolis #B2BHuddle
  37. This is where we should start when building business development strategies… @briansolis #B2Bhuddle
  38. .@briansolis showing off a blank slide – reflects a blank canvas and best companies are starting from this point #B2BHuddle #bizreimagined
  39. Think defining generation by age is on the way out in business – instead it’ll become about comfort with new tech and approaches #B2Bhuddle
  40. I feel generation challenged. Who am I? Connected consumer, GenX or all of the above. @briansolis #B2Bhuddle
  41. RT @Westofcenter: the connected generation is about behaviours and transcends conventional demographics #B2Bhuddle < it’s about culture
  42. You can remain the social media champion in your company or use it to drive real business change and impact @briansolis at #b2bhuddle
  43. Take the time to understand who your customer is, what problems you want to solve for them @briansolis #B2Bhuddle
  44. The companies that are winning now are the ones that start from a blank slate. What problem do you want to solve? Start there. #B2Bhuddle
  45. #b2bhuddle Generation C – the connected generation – is not about age…it’s about behaviour-
  46. Rachel Miller’s post on Vine
  47. Where, how why. Any strategy should start from scratch. #B2Bhuddle
  48. RT @Westofcenter: 66% pf social media marketers don’t develop metrics says @briansolis #B2Bhuddle. That’s scary
  49. most companies don’t align their soc med activities with their business goals, says @briansolis #B2Bhuddle
  50. “If you’re not looking at me – I’m doing my job right, were making the conversation bigger than this room” @briansolis #b2bhuddle #wtf
  51. The rise of the connected customer. @briansolis “I’m doing my job right if I’m talking to foreheads – people in the stream” #b2bhuddle
  52. Know your business, know who you want to talk with, be part of their everyday living – they’ll teach you how to change #b2bhuddle
  53. RT @briansolis ‘You can champion social media, or you can champion transformation’ #b2bhuddle
  54. Understanding the customer beyond the demographic #B2Bhuddle
  55. Is your marketing strategy still quarterly funded and locked into campaign spend? #ConnectedConsumers #B2Bhuddle
  56. Without understanding social science can’t possibly hope to benefit from the new tools & opportunities. Will be same old business #b2bhuddle
  57. Generation C – the connected customer – are they the last generation we’ll define in relation to digital before its part of norm? #B2Bhuddle
  58. It’s all about change management, and not only about technology #b2bhuddle
  59. #b2bhuddle Champion organisational transformation…use technology to be more relevant – @briansolis
  60. Rachel Miller’s post on Vine
  61. Disruptive technology is changing behaviour. Marketing budgets are being redeployed. #b2bhuddle
  62. .@briansolis Do you focus on social media or do you focus on the larger picture of Business Transformation? #B2BHuddle #Bizreimagined
  63. Disruptive technology is changing behaviour @briansolis #b2bhuddle
  64. Uh oh! @briansolis has put a quote up that is longer than 140 characters. Panic ensues in the room 😉 #b2bhuddle
  65. Most companies haven’t yet asked their connected customers what they want (75% say no or don’t know) #B2Bhuddle
  66. Amazing that 2/3rds of companies develop social strategies without a clear end goal in mind. #B2BHuddle
  67. Business case based on technology won’t be adopted by SLTs or c-suite. Talk about behaviour. @briansolis #b2bhuddle
  68. #b2bhuddle @briansolis Smart #B2B companies understand their customer’s customer > “B2B2C” #scrm #SocBiz
  69. Even those companies with case studies that we celebrate are largely not linking social to business outcomes. #B2Bhuddle
  70. 66% pf social media marketers don’t develop metrics says @briansolis #B2Bhuddle. That’s scary
  71. If it’s relevant and makes sense it must be common sense, connected communities live and learn together @briansolis @jangles #b2bhuddle
  72. Altimeter study found only 34% are using clear metrics to associate social activities with business outcomes #bizreimagined #B2BHuddle
  73. Social media won’t bring about change that businesses need to succeed in the “new world” – people will. #b2bhuddle
  74. The book as an app. Paper, a navbar & @gapingvoid cartoons. A great recipe from @briansolis #b2bhuddle #wtf #solisuk
  75. RT @AllthingsIC #B2Bhuddle “Tech is evolving but companies are not, and they are dying” @briansolis
  76. .@briansolis Social media won’t change things alone, just 1 of many things we need to embrace to prepare for future of business #B2Bhuddle
  77. Behaviour is more important than just looking at social, media, digital or whatever. It is about the behaviours of people #B2Bhuddle
  78. #B2Bhuddle “Tech is evolving but companies are not, and they are dying” @briansolis
  79. Doesn’t matter what we call social media, what matters is how people behave when using it and what we can learn from that #B2Bhuddle
  80. Selling #b2b based on knowing the needs of end customer. If direct customers won’t learn what they need someone has to show them #b2bhuddle
  81. Smarter b2b companies are adopting b2b2c strategies to help customers sell more to the ultimate customer @briansolis #B2Bhuddle
  82. Whatever business you’re in or challenge you face, it’s all open to innovation and opportunity says @briansolis #B2Bhuddle
  83. RT @marksampson Innovation and creative thinking can make a staid industry special again @briansolis at #b2bhuddle
  84. The way af reading books has changed. It is not any more linear. You can jump from one part to other. #B2Bhuddle
  85. .@briansolis some huge brands we’ve grown up with are dying because of their failure to adopt – victims of digital darwinism #B2Bhuddle
  86. New way of writing books has academic application says @briansolis. So needed. #b2bhuddle #education
  87. When writing the #wtf book @briansolis had to rethink it. Creating a reader experience that let’s you dip in and out #B2Bhuddle
  88. .@briansolis We can still be innovative in traditional industries – have used UX principles to guide new book and its structure #B2Bhuddle
  89. #B2Bhuddle important points in #wft are kept to 140 word sections in a book. We’ve retired our brains. authors need to rethink @briansolis
  90. .@briansolis: book doesn’t have to be read cover to cover, can jump about and has its own navigation bar #B2BHuddle
  91. “At the heart of social, mobile and apps… are shared experiences” @briansolis #b2bhuddle #wtf
  92. .@briansolis now speaking at #b2bhuddle to a full room of business innovators & thought leaders on a Friday night!
  93. #b2bhuddle @BrianSolis #SocialMedia enters organisations either through an “Aha” (Value) or “Uh-Oh” moment (Crisis). #wtf #socbiz
  94. Studying ux is not just for designing apps or website, it is about connecting with shared experiences #B2Bhuddle
  95. Thank you to Dell for the copy of @briansolis#WTF and to Microsoft for hosting tonight’s #b2bhuddle event
  96. .@briansolis studied UX before starting on new book – studied how the connected generation read and what makes them share #B2Bhuddle
  97. And we’re off – follow #B2Bhuddle for info from @briansolis‘ talk at Microsoft, London
  98. @briansolis takes the stage #B2Bhuddle discussing latest book #wtf what’s the future of business thanks to @KerryBridge @Dell @jangles
  99. #b2bhuddle with @briansolis about the future of business #wtf (@ Microsoft w/ 7 others) [pic]:
  100. Listening to @jangles welcoming us to #B2Bhuddle
  101. Always appreciate time with @briansolis – he has an amazing ability to get you thinking; that’s gold dust in a 140 char world. #b2bhuddle
  102. Neville Hobson @ #b2bhuddle @ Microsoft
  103. So #B2Bhuddle roundtable is over. Now on to the talk. Looking forward to it.
  104. #b2bhuddle Is #SocBiz about corporate anthropology? Natively understanding & knowing how to interact w/ customers cc @briansolis
  105. #BigData is great ~ providing indicators on behavioral shifts & enabling strategies around predictive modelling @briansolis #B2Bhuddle
  106. From leadership to social media execs, we can push change through a pincer movement of education #B2Bhuddle
  107. Interesting: we are not going to win the transformation fight with social media as the game changer #B2Bhuddle
  108. Set the business case first and then use social media as validation, proof case etc says @briansolis #B2Bhuddle
  109. Making social change is about finding the sense of urgency that forces innovation. #B2Bhuddle
  110. Can you use the term #social in your organisation and be taken seriously? #b2bhuddle
  111. All about ending the vicious cycle. RT @katyhowell: Sometimes the social media spend is just too small to get c-suite attention
  112. Roundtables getting really warmed up on belief, philosophy and behaviour for social business #B2Bhuddle
  113. @katyhowell or is it that cSuite arent using soca media in the same way? #b2bhuddle
  114. Hey Marketing Manager, meet Customer services manager.
    Let’s talk! Alleluia moment #b2bhuddle
  115. Some times it is that the social media numbers (spend) is just too small to get c-suite attention.
  116. Great analogy from @briansolis on pending #Youthquake
    Massive changes coming. Businesses that only react, will be too late #b2bhuddle
  117. Really good to hear! #abetterway
    “Conventional segmentation of customers for targeting purposes is all but dead at @tefdigital@B2BHuddle
  118. Best orgs have discovered – engagement begins with empathy & value creation. This takes direction & transformation @briansolis #b2bhuddle
  119. Roundtable prep #b2bhuddle
  120. Not what I expected at the start of today’s #b2bhuddle.
    But then you SHOULD expect the unexpected. #SharkNado
  121. Major talking point in the pre-#b2bhuddle roundtable with @briansolis is… #sharknado 🙂
  122. Richard Nicholson’s post on Vine
  123. A serious collection of minds in front of me at #b2bhuddle round table.
  124. Looking forward to this roundtable > RT @katyhowell Thank you @KerryBridge & @jangles for inviting me to #b2bhuddle roundtable. Very excited
  125. Off to prepare for the #b2bhuddle in London. Looking forward to see you!
  126. Whats the future of business?
    Roundtable discussion this evening with @briansolis
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