Wikipedia – A Means not an End

It was one of Seth Godin’s posts that kicked this thought chain off. I’m a regular follower of his blog, and normally I nod sagely at his wisdom, but for once I’m shaking my head furiously. Why? Because of the wikipedia gap. I’m thinking of it more as a chasm. I have recently restarted academic […]

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A Time To…

I have been flattening the battery of my iPod listening to the title track from Stevie Wonder’s new album, A Time 2 Love. It is a wonderful song, featuring India.Arie, with potent lyrics about the things that we find time for, and the important things that we don’t. It started me thinking that making time […]

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The 3 Stages of Mastery

I’ve written about learning before, but in musing about the ‘mastery’ of a skill or profession, something came back to me. It was something that I heard in the days when I was heavily into music production, desperately trying to get ‘that sound’. A wise old professional at the time said to me “there are […]

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You Live, You Learn – Learn to Learn, Learn to Live

A mad, but good week so far. I’ve done some new things this week and have been helping some other people learn too. That started me thinking about the learning process and the stages on the way to becoming competent at something, learning about learning…

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