ToReadI have been flattening the battery of my iPod listening to the title track from Stevie Wonder’s new album, A Time 2 Love. It is a wonderful song, featuring India.Arie, with potent lyrics about the things that we find time for, and the important things that we don’t. It started me thinking that making time for things is a key skill for success and happiness.

  • Making time to rest.
  • Making time to prepare.
  • Making time to practice.
  • Making time to learn.
  • Making time to reflect.
  • Making time to love.

I’ve been getting a little rest myself these last few days, as there has been lots going off It is a fun time for the blog, which recently made it on to the WordPress Growing Blogs list and was mentioned as Daily PlanIt’s Discovery of the day (thank you!).

I’m thinking about what next for the blog. It has been in action for over half a year, and I have learned many things. The blog has been a kind of journal, and that is a good thing.

I want to write much more about presenting with PowerPoint, one of my major passions, and I know that I have been writing less about productivity of late. That isn’t to say I have cracked the productivity problems of life, just that I am doing more doing. I am also about to start studying for the first time in a long time, as I formalize my Psychology learning. A long way of saying, expect more on those things, but I am not sure if it will be one blog or three just yet.