Randomness, Virtualisation and Getting Things Done

This may be random. For once, I am speechless. Or at least wordless. You know me. That doesn’t happen. Ever. I might go quiet, but that is different from not having something to say. Perhaps it is all the different threads in my head? There are big Redcatco projects in the wings, new blogs to […]

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Communicating With Yourself – More on the iPod and iPhone as a Universal GTD Capture Device

Sounds like Steve, over at Micro Persuasion is having excellent fun with his iPhone and Flikr for GTD. Bunk suggests getting a pen and paper. Bunk, where’s the geek in you? That’s far too efficient and environmentally friendly! All of this did trigger some interesting and useful thoughts though, I promise…

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iPhone Hits the UK

The much hyped UK launch of the iPhone took place today in London, where it was announced that 02 would be the operator of choice. The event was well covered by TechCrunch. O2 password protect their press releases on their website (uh duh!), but most of the press and analysts have posted their views. Not […]

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iPod to Go – The iPod as a GTD capture device

My personal mission to increase productivity, by decreasing the number of gadgets I use, took a sideways step recently. Since I started listening to podcasts, lectures and audio books, my iPod nano has become a fairly central part of my life. Now my new companion has even started listening to me, resulting in an even […]

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A WINning strategy for productivity

I can’t remember where I heard it, it was a long time ago, but someone talked to me about WINning – WIN – What’s Important right Now. Picking the most important thing to do right now, and focusing on it, 100%. It is a little like Covey’s First Things First habit. The challenge, of course, […]

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Information at your finger tips – in a way that sounds good! (More uses for an iPod!)

I’ve just realised that I am a recovered addict! Over the last year I have managed to cure myself of my addiction to new gadgets. When I started my quest for productivity, I saw gadgets and tools as the answer, so it feels ironic that I have been lead away from them, I am a […]

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ThinkingRock is 2 good!

I’m absolutely buzzing today; I’ve started using ThinkingRock Version 2 on my mac. Having an effective tool to track what needs doing is critical to living successfully; ThinkingRock is that tool for me – see: a good tool is hard to find and get laddered with ThinkingRock. For those new to ThinkingRock, you might want […]

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