The Facebook Guinea Pigs

“Let’s conduct an online experiment.” It sounds innocuous enough, that is unless you run one of the largest online social networks, and you didn’t tell the participants. The story centres around the publication of a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) under the rather […]

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Web Psychology – Colours and Conversions

February’s Chinwag PsychUp brought together Karen Haller, talking about the psychology of colour (or should that be ‘color’) and Craig Sullivan (otherwise know as the one and only @OptimiseOrDie). The PsychUp events are part of a series, run by Chinwag, with the next event on Wednesday 5th March in London, leading up to the full […]

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On-line Trust, More than Liking

This post might be a little heavy going, but the topics are important in understanding how we can be (and are) manipulated, and how businesses can (and should) go about building trust in an on-line, social media driven world. Last week I attended the Wealth of Networks conference, looking at the challenges of Next Generation […]

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Too Late To Learn?

Tortoises. That’s it. Tortoises. We all need to be like tortoises. I’ve been listening to what John Cleese has to say in the video clip here, which is what got me thinking about them. I have to admit, it wasn’t where I started thinking. You might not associate tortoises with creativity or learning, but they […]

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Personality Sorters and Social Media – Part II

In a business (and the world in generally), we need both clay pots and brass ones. Different personality types each have their (complementary) strengths and weaknesses. The brass and the clay pots need to get along together; not by being separate, but by working together. It is probably one of the reasons we have culture and etiquette – some rules of engagement that help to protect us from our individual differences.

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Personality Sorters and Social Media – Part I

Understanding personality types is very useful, not just for self awareness, but for working in team environments, especially where social software, social media or any technology-mediated form of communication is in play. This post is for Lobelia and others, in response to her blog post on personality types “personality types, can you be sorted?”.

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Social Creatures in Need of Social Software

I was going to leave this as a comment on Luke’s blog, but it got a little too long. Luke’s post “Stone age brains and the social web” is based on the “All In The Mind” podcast episode “Stone Age brains in 21st century skulls.” Luke’s blog provides some great insights on user experience, and the Australian “All In The Mind” podcast features interviews with a diverse range of Psychologists. This is a bit of a woven path, but it is interesting when it comes together. Hopefully you can see where this is going – If you can, hold on to the wheel.

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