This one might turn into a meme! “NFYB” says Seth Godin. It stands for ‘Not For Your Blog’ and I like it. In the age of blogging, Facebook and Twitter, the boundary between public and private is changing. That blur is changing communication, a private conversation is only a few hours away from being a head-line news story.

Facebook’s move to make people’s profiles searchable by Google has got people thinking about their not-so-private lives again. The web is making the world of information very leaky. A wall posting on facebook goes from one person to another, ends up in an email, arrives in an inbox and goes via a blog to the public web. The world knows what you did last night.

Conversations like The Great Facebook Debate will be very interesting (thanks to Chinwag for pointing it out!). Regardless of the outcome, we need to be careful what we say, and what we type. Is it OK? In this decade and beyond, we will have to be our very own PR managers. The web really is changing the way we communicate, but in some very unexpected ways.

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