It seems that it is always the most simple things that are the most profound. A top tip from Seth’s Blog today: Show up, on time, with a smile on your face. Does it really count more than what you do or say? Seth says: Showing up on time… …with a smile on your face is almost always more important than what you actually say or do.

If you are late, what you say will count for less. If people start without you, as they should do, or cancel the meeting, then you will not have been able to say anything at all. Even when the meeting does start, you will have missed out on all the greeting and catching up. That will rob you of context that is critical for effective communication. Likewise, if you don’t smile, people are less likely to look at you, and so to listen to you. Not convinced? Try it yourself, study your next meeting and see what happens for yourself.

Go on, be radical, show up early, with a smile. It will get you off to a brilliant start and you’ll get more done. Top observation, as ever, by Seth.