A very entertaining week so far. Completely out of the blue a few people contacted me asking for help setting up their own blogs with WordPress. I am very happy to help, especially if you are based in the UK or are setting something up for a charity/not-for-profit. Likewise, if you have any questions on productivity or presenting, especially with PowerPoint, then just email them in: help@redcatco.com and I’ll be happy to answer.

For those of you who want to focus on one of the topics covered here, there are now separate RSS feeds for each of the main tags you see on the left of the blog. Obviously, I would love it if you sign up for the full feed, but I understand if you want a little more focus!

A few sites are syndicating from these, and that’s fine. Please drop me an email if you are, just so I can warn you ahead of time if anything changes with the feeds.

Keep the questions coming in.