On Seth’s blog, an interesting link to Pecha Kucha (Seth’s post here). Really Bad Powerpoint, which almost sounds like a phrase that should be trademarked, continues to take over the world. What can be done?

Seth’s Really Bad Powerpoint is a great starting point. I wish it had been a full book! I was just looking back at my See it, hear it – not the death of powerpoint post today, and remembering 3 Things not to forget in a presentation. There is lots and lots of good Powerpoint advice out there, but presenters don’t seem to be reading. There are some good blogs around too, from Presentation Zen, through Power Presentations (I did Jerry’s course years ago and loved it) to Powerful Presentation Techniques, and I am sure there are others too.

In fact most presenters aren’t presenters at all. More and more workers have PowerPoint thrown on to their machines, and are then left to get on with it. No PowerPoint training, and even worse, no presentation training. Note that those are two different things. Organizations under-invest in both, and reap the rewards. When will people realize what a false economy this is?

While you think that over, I will have a think and post my top ten PowerPoint tips next – for those who want to try and improve their presenting! I know I do!