I think there are a huge number of exciting things about new technology and the web 2.0 world, but there are also some sad losses. We have automated and improved daily life to the point where we have free time and communications ability that previous generations could hardly have dreamed of.

This weekend I visited a living museum of the 1930’s. Even at that point in time, life was hard and communication was difficult by today’s standards. Yet as a population, we throw that time and additional communication almost 100% into watching television or surfing the net. This (much linked to!) video kicked of this train of thought: Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

We have an emerging generation that wants to be visible (with blogging, Flickr and YouTube), but perhaps not accountable – facing inescapable two-way interactions. It is easy to get drawn into the world of being accountable to no-one but yourself. Being accountable to yourself is important (for example, blowing the whistle on yourself), but it is no recipe for success. Success comes from accountability, because true accountability protects us from failure. By sharing our dreams and goals we allow them to be challenged. We raise the bar for ourselves and reduce the risk that we will just give up when things get hard. Accountability reduces the risk of us changing goals mid-stream, and dissipating our efforts.

I am more determined than ever to use my time effectively (purposeful TV watching and Internet use) and engage in a two-way dialogue (I am really enjoying the interactions this blog has involved me in – please keep commenting and emailing).