After a little pause, I’m blowing off the dust and settling into the writing seat again. Things have been unusually busy, with business planning and academic studies. You can tell from the photo what has been on my mind, and everyone else’s too. These are tough times for business.

For every Black Friday there is a new dawn. A forest fire devastates the habitat. But the removal of the canopy of tree cover allows light to fall onto the forest floor, and shoots to rise from the ground. A new forest starts to emerge, and a new generation of fauna gets to have its day. Sadly, it isn’t clear if this particular fire is out yet. Not nice, very painful.

The events of recent weeks and months will undoubtedly be a catalyst for all sorts of change in businesses. Much of the noise is being, and will be, cut out. Traditional assumptions are being challenged, and faster and cheaper ways of doing things earnestly sought. New technology will be a part of delivering on that. New forms of knowledge management. New forms of marketing. New forms of selling. Little will be left untouched.

The industrial age saw the automisation of traditional job roles. The next phase on the information age sees the automisation of knowledge work with technology. It will change how we store and transmit information and how we communicate. That includes inside of the business and outside. The changes were already underway. Marketers are moving more of their budgets on-line, IT managers are exploring open source collaboration tools.

Upcoming posts will talk about how to do more with less. How to market differently. How to use new tools. Together with ideas from some of the best minds in the space, via book reviews and research summaries. If you don’t already, do follow the blog.