I just stumbled upon this great article in inc.com by Peter Drucker:

My Life as a Knowledge Worker

I’m a huge Drucker fan, and this was a great read. Drucker summarises the seven experiences and his seven learnings from them:

  1. “I would strive for perfection, even though, as I well knew, it would surely always elude me.”
  2. “…one has to strive for perfection even if only the gods notice.”
  3. “I decided I had to know something about many subjects…”
  4. “…set aside two weeks every summer in which to review my work during the preceding year”
  5. “What do I need to do, now that I have a new assignment, to be effective?”
  6. “[when doing] anything of significance–making a key decision, for instance–he is expected to write down what results he anticipates. Nine months later he traces back from the actual results to those anticipations.”
  7. “First, one has to ask oneself what one wants to be remembered for. Second, that should change… …Finally, one thing worth being remembered for is the difference one makes in the lives of people.”

Thought provoking… The full article is well worth the read.