It is the little things that are often the most provoking. Seth posted on his blog:

Creativity and the unexpected

Just because it’s on the menu, doesn’t mean you have to order it.

One sentence that triggers hundreds of thoughts. In the food context it jars at little, but take the concept to the work place and see what happens. How often do you order something just because it is on the menu? You took the promotion to a manager position, because “that’s what people do”. Is it? Why is it? Is that really what you want to do?

It is all too easy to follow a groove that has been worn by thousands of people who have gone before you. How about doing something different? Be creative and take a different path. Be you. Don’t something just because it is on the menu.

Make this week different from the last one, and the hundreds that have come before it. Make some different choices and see what happens. Take the lead.

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Question: When have you chosen something that wasn’t “on the menu?”