Empty ChairThey say things come in threes. I don’t know why they say that, but they do. For me, today it was three blog posts:

  • The second, thanks to Debra Moorhead is the garbage truck story, by written David J Polley.
    • You can read the story here. Essentially, some people need to dump their garbage, sometimes it is on you.
  • The third, thanks to one of WOWNDADI’s readers, Galba Bright from Tune up your EQ who had a difficult course attendee to deal with (How To Learn From Your EQ Hot Spots),

    • In a nutshell, “Thanks for your feedback. I will think on what you said.”

There are people out there with ‘issues’ they need to deal with, just as we have issues to deal with. When they say something nasty or negative, it might not be your fault. In fact, it almost definitely isn’t. It is more about what has happened to them, in the near or distant past, the pressure they are under, and the hurts they are carrying.

People will dump rubbish on you, or use words that wound. When they do, take away the barbed-wire from what was said. Delete the emotional content, sift for actionable feedback, discard the rest. Thank them and move on. Their problems are not your problems. They don’t have the right to change your good mood, let alone to keep you awake at night. That is easier said than done, but it is the truth. If you want to help them, that is great, but don’t expect kindness in return, although you may get it. If they upset you, you are free to shake the dust off of your shoes and move on. If you want to.

Failing all that, this will do your head in and distract you for a bit. I can explain how it works, but then you’d call me a geek.