How about this for the first law of blogging? “The number of blog posts is inversely proportional to the number of things going off in the blogger’s life”.

I am hoping for some semblance of order to start to return by the end of this week, so that I can finish off a couple of key posts that are lurking in my drafts. Some helpful things I have discovered about learning, and some thoughts on one on person-to-person communications, versus network-based communications (phone, email and video conferencing).

In the mean-time, here are the top ten posts from March, by number of hits:

  1. The Now Habit – Dealing with Procrastination
  2. Overwhelmed by the to do list? Get back on track and stay on track
  3. Get Laddered with ThinkingRock
  4. A good tool is hard to find!
  5. Being organised – the wiki way
  6. 3 Things not to forget in a presentation
  7. What does success look like? Start with the end
  8. Understanding the reality of the situation – part II
  9. Planned Abandonment – Having an end at the beginning
  10. Do something different, for a change!

I am surprised by two things. firstly, the number of hits – thank you all! Secondly, that my personal 3 favourites didn’t make it into the top ten:

But there you go! Do stay in touch via the comments and emails, and keep working out what needs doing and do it. Have a WOWNDADI week!