I have been playing with an exciting new tool today – the bLADE wiki. In the last few years Wikis have been revolutionizing knowledge management for me, but I hadn’t been able to find a wiki for PocketPC with the ability to synchronise with the desktop, until now. A big thank you to aedjp for pointing it out to me!

Just in case you have missed the wiki revolution so far: A wiki is a simple, but powerful, way to capture information in a web page format and create hyperlinks between different pages. No HTML or coding knowledge required. Wikipedia is probably the best known example of a wiki these days, but wikis go much further back that that. Wikis can be public (like wikipedia), private (within a company or team) or personal (used by just one person).

I am a big fan of wikis in the work place. They are a great way to create and share knowledge. All known information can be gathered in one place and related information items can be linked and categorized. This leads to some amazing knowledge discovery and productivity enhancements. I have also found a personal wiki to be the perfect place for collecting lots of the very useful, but non-actionable, information that I gather day to day. My personal wiki is a key part of my GTD trusted system.

I have been using TiddlyWiki, which has meant that my personal wiki has been stuck on my desktop or memory stick. The bLADE personal wiki has just changed that, as it works on the PocketPC (or Windows Mobile device) and Windows on the desktop, with the ability to sync between them.