Tree DecorationsI hope you manage to fit in some relaxation over the Christmas break. Life seems more and more frenetic, which means breaks and pauses are all the more appreciated when they do happen. A chance to recharge the mental batteries; to connect with friends and family and to reflect on the year that was.

As I watch the diligent preparations here in the Ellis household, I’m reminded of the paradox of relaxation. It is hard preparation that enables us to relax and to rest, in the longer run. Planning what to do and what not to do is the only way to lighten the load of the year ahead. Hustle and bustle is the default setting in these modern times. With so much information and opportunity at our fingertips, sometimes we just need to switch off to get some peace.

I’m looking forward to a Christmas day nap and some time off-line. I hope that you get some rest during this week too. Don’t over do it!