An apt title for Easter. So, I’m back from my first off-line-time of the year to find one of my posts picked up on! A few thousand extra hits on the blog, links, comments and messages from as far afield as Japan and India. A very pleasant Easter present, thank you guys! I think I have managed to moderate most of the comments now, and I’ll reply to the emails soon.

I am very amused that all of this happened while I was away, and after my last post’s comment on the ‘Frog’ post not being in the top ten last month. It definitely is now, with about 500 reads in the last 30 days.

It is good to be back, much as I have enjoyed the break. I managed to do a good job of tidying up my ThinkingRock, I was off-line, but not without my trusty PowerBook. I also managed to catch some sun on the beach, see some relatives and come back with a head full of things to write.