For this month, I’m putting a slight twist on the usual top 10 post: I am going to split it between the Top 5 posts here on WOWNDADI and my favorite 5 posts from blogs that mentioned the blog.

Most Popular Posts in the Last 30 Days

  1. It’s the User Experience as much as the Technology!
  2. Apple, iPhone and Business Productivity – Post Worldwide Developer Conference Keynote
  3. Personality Sorters and Social Media – Part I
  4. Personality Sorters and Social Media – Part II
  5. Are You Paying Attention?

Top 5 links

  1. Getting Organized by Mark of Productivity 501 featuring interviews with myself and a number of other productivity bloggers. An epic post with some gems in there.
  2. Blogger Advocacy – Employ Yourself by Steve Lawson. A different mindset for solo workers.
  3. Links of Interest  from Productivity 501 – featuring Speeding Your Email.
  4. Karl Bunyan, who was on the marketing panel at the social media business: blog post about the event (glad you liked the photo Karl).
  5. The Successful Blog Directory welcome to you if you found the blog this way.

Following on from Five Quid and a Crate of Beer – Starting the New New Business it was interesting to read the New York Times article yesterday: no flotations this quarter (US side at least). The world is changing. Speaking of which, check out this post to see how social media is getting in on the recruitment process works:  “pick-me” – and fill in the survey while you are there.  I think that interviewer is going to be in for a surprise, unless of course they’ve already read the post!

The coming month is busy from an events perspective, so just the highlights: On Saturday the 4th of July is MediaCampLondonRegistration is free and it is a great opportunity to experience an unconference first hand. I look forward to catching up with some familiar faces, as well as meeting some new ones. Then on July the 10th is TechCrunch Pitch, I’ll be there watching the 10 slides company pitches/presentations. Should be interesting.

Lastly, Saturday and Sunday 19-20 July 2008 in Birmingham is WordCamp UK. The first WordPress WordCamp in the UK and a great opportunity for the WordPress community to get together. Book yourself in quick (register here). Not only will I be at WordCamp UK, but redcatco are an event sponsor, as well as providing the audio setup, we’ll be producing some podcasts of the event, if all goes to plan.