A quiet week for me, I am enjoying some downtime. It is good to rest sometimes.

I have finally upgraded my Mac to a MacBrook Pro. The upgrade has given me a chance to clear out my machine and lock down on the apps that help and remove those that just take up space. My aim was to end up with a minimal setup with less ‘stuff’ and fewer places for ‘stuff’. Something generally better and more productive – I’ve got to get an ROI on the time and money somehow!

Critical Applications:

Then a few bookmarks and sites to keep things going:

  • Bookmarks into Firefox – easy because of delicious (installing the Firefox plugin of course).
  • Gmail and Google reader
  • netvibes (just because it is cool)
  • bloglines (not used so much any more.. hm.. time to focus on one RSS reader?)
  • eBay – thankful I’m not addicted anymore, really…
  • Linkedin – ah… the joys of staying in touch with good people
  • Amazon – got to read!
  • Facebook – ah friends!!!
  • WordPress – of course!
  • And a few Dashboard widgets

Few… Not quite as minimal as I would have liked. Did I miss anything off of there? Anything you would remove? I love hearing about the apps others have found useful.