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How to Write a Speech in 5 Minutes

Making a really great speech or presentation requires a great deal of preparation and practice. In an ideal world, you would always have time to plan, rehearse and perfect your words of wisdom. However, sometimes things don’t work out that way. Here is a simple process to enable you to prepare a speech (or presentation) in five minutes…

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Randomness, Virtualisation and Getting Things Done

This may be random. For once, I am speechless. Or at least wordless. You know me. That doesn’t happen. Ever. I might go quiet, but that is different from not having something to say. Perhaps it is all the different threads in my head? There are big Redcatco projects in the wings, new blogs to […]

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It’s the User Experience as much as the Technology!

All that is wrong with IT in a sentence? “I have nothing against iPhone. It’s great,” says Manjit Singh, CIO at Chiquita Brands International Inc. “But we’re a BlackBerry shop, and I don’t think iPhone brings anything new to the table. It has a great user experience, but that’s all.”

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Never Loose Your Voice Again – It’s Your Future

My last visit to the Tuttle Club was unexpectedly fruitful. After the crowds had cleared, Spinvox lead a very thought provoking session on “The Future of Voice”. It touched on many things that are dear to my heart. I have been involved in communications technology for over 30 years, and in that time much has changed. However, all my reminiscing about acoustic couplers and the founders of Apple inc hacking phone networks is pushed to the back of my mind as I think about the future ahead.

Today I can pick up a phone and call anyone I know, anywhere on the planet. Many of us have known no different all our lives.

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Happenstance and productivity

I’ve been tussling with the issue of happenstance recently. Let me explain. Happenstance has become, for me, a word to describe the happy accidents that are a valuable and pleasurable part of making unexpected progress. Happenings that came from coincidence, rather than from planning. The random circumstances where things ‘just work out’. I think you […]

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How to Deal With Being Overwhelmed at Work 2

WOWNDADI is on top of the world. Well, Alltop specifically, sitting on the alltop lifehacks page, together with some familiar names. Not everyone is feeling on top of the world though. Apparently the UK has a crisis of management, with a lack of people with the skills to motivate and manage staff. It probably isn’t […]

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Want to Get More Things Done? Go Ahead and Stick Your Head in a Bucket!

Unusual productivity advice, but it will make sense. It all came home to me editing some CSS code. CSS, or cascading style sheets, are what make the web look pretty.

In the early days of the web there was very little control over how things ended up on the page. HTML – hypertext mark up language – allowed some basic control, like adding titles and marking text bold, but basically things ended up all over the place. Hold that thought, because I’ll come back to it.

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