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Learning Your Way to a Better Memory

One of the great things about David Alan’s Getting Things Done (aka GTD) is that you don’t have to remember anything. “Get it out of your head” David says. My memory has improved since I started using GTD to keep my head clear. If you are using GTD, you’re not using your memory for trivia […]

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Be More Productive By Understanding How You See The World

Thanks to a post on Galba Bright’s Tune up your EQ blog, which mentions my post on humour in business, I am finally writing a long overdue post. Hopefully this doesn’t get too circular! Galba points to a video that appeared on Seth’s blog: Take thirty seconds to watch the video now…Hopefully you are suitably […]

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Getting Started with GTD

The buzz of a new year is still in the air! With that buzz is a crowd of people making fresh starts and striving to stick to new year’s resolutions – some more recklessly made than others. A larger than usual number of friends and fellows are getting started with David Allen’s Getting Things Done, […]

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Communicating With Yourself – More on the iPod and iPhone as a Universal GTD Capture Device

Sounds like Steve, over at Micro Persuasion is having excellent fun with his iPhone and Flikr for GTD. Bunk suggests getting a pen and paper. Bunk, where’s the geek in you? That’s far too efficient and environmentally friendly! All of this did trigger some interesting and useful thoughts though, I promise…

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iPod to Go – The iPod as a GTD capture device

My personal mission to increase productivity, by decreasing the number of gadgets I use, took a sideways step recently. Since I started listening to podcasts, lectures and audio books, my iPod nano has become a fairly central part of my life. Now my new companion has even started listening to me, resulting in an even […]

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ThinkingRock is 2 good!

I’m absolutely buzzing today; I’ve started using ThinkingRock Version 2 on my mac. Having an effective tool to track what needs doing is critical to living successfully; ThinkingRock is that tool for me – see: a good tool is hard to find and get laddered with ThinkingRock. For those new to ThinkingRock, you might want […]

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Dealing with the Do Its That Just Don’t Get Done

The big problem with getting good at building to do lists, is that you end up with long lists of things to be done! The list just seems to keep on growing and growing. There are lots of reasons that can happen and lots of ways to deal with it. Recently I had noticed a […]

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