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Future of The Web – Part II – The Future

A minutely belated followup to “Future of The Web – Part I – A History“, these are the rest of my thoughts on the NESTA “Future of the Web“ session. The videos of the event are here – you’ll need to be able to play Windows Media files. Unsurprisingly, there were some parallels with the previous session (see Tim […]

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Future of The Web – Part I – A History

Last night NESTA played host to Tim Berners-Lee, with a talk under the title “Future of the Web“, followed by a Q&A and panel discussion. I’ll come back to the talk, because I want to start somewhere else first: in the past. The history of the web may well provide the best insight into its […]

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Communicating Feelings on the Future of the Web

Two things in one here: A heads up on an event tomorrow (don’t worry, you can still catch it), and an interesting way to look at things. Tomorrow sees a talk from Sir Tim Berners-Lee (recently voted the most important technology innovator of the last century), focussing in on web science. It is an area I am fascinated by, […]

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Tim Berners-Lee @ The Innovation Edge

This is the second in a short series of posts, as I digest the talks from The Innovation Edge 08. Yesterday covered Gordon Brown (I’m enjoying the comments). Today is focused on Jonathan Freedland’s interview with Sir Tim Berners-Lee. For those that may have temporarily forgotten, Sir Tim is broadly viewed as the inventor of […]

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Gordon Brown at NESTA – The Innovation Edge

I’m typing from The NESTA Innovation Edge event today. Innovation has been, unsurprisingly, the key theme. I’ll post more on my notes from the sessions over the next few days – Tim Berners-Lee spoke, and as a surprise (for me at least), Gordon Brown also spoke briefly at the event. He said he was sending […]

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