I’m typing from The NESTA Innovation Edge event today. Innovation has been, unsurprisingly, the key theme. I’ll post more on my notes from the sessions over the next few days – Tim Berners-Lee spoke, and as a surprise (for me at least), Gordon Brown also spoke briefly at the event. He said he was sending a message (and he was by speaking at the event) about how key innovation is to Britain – the ability to innovate and invent, based on the creative talents of our people, is key to the continued growth of the country…

“The most important thing you have is you – your creative talents and ability to lead for the future”

“We are in a global economy where the country that drives innovation will win”

Countries will succeed because they have the creative ideas, not just the capital or resources. Gordon said that he wants to break down every barrier in front of people with creative ideas and innovative businesses. In my view that is going to mean some big changes in regulation and tax, and he did mention those. There are many barriers to setting up a business.

Innovation is very much on the popular agenda these days. A shift to a knowledge economy places an increased emphasis on thinking things (innovating), rather than just making things. The big challenge is that no-one really seems sure what innovation actual is.

What does innovation mean to you?