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Last week’s APA “Healthy Workplace Awards” should have been a celebration of all that is good in the work place, and they were. Congratulations to APA’s 2013 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award Winners. Employee engagement matters, study after study has shown that it is one of the most significant factors in a business’s success. The winners represent […]

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Is Broadcasting Something to Shout About?

What is happening to traditional broadcasters? Who are the new broadcasters? How should we use broadcast media? What is broadcast media becoming? How do companies communicate in the emerging broadcast world order? These were just some of the topics from the Rebecca Caroe/Creative Agency Secrets “Should Brands be Broadcasters?” event. It stimulated lots of thinking, and there […]

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How to Deal With Being Overwhelmed at Work 2

WOWNDADI is on top of the world. Well, Alltop specifically, sitting on the alltop lifehacks page, together with some familiar names. Not everyone is feeling on top of the world though. Apparently the UK has a crisis of management, with a lack of people with the skills to motivate and manage staff. It probably isn’t […]

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Want to Get More Things Done? Go Ahead and Stick Your Head in a Bucket!

Unusual productivity advice, but it will make sense. It all came home to me editing some CSS code. CSS, or cascading style sheets, are what make the web look pretty.

In the early days of the web there was very little control over how things ended up on the page. HTML – hypertext mark up language – allowed some basic control, like adding titles and marking text bold, but basically things ended up all over the place. Hold that thought, because I’ll come back to it.

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Power up your business with a Wiki

Reading a recent post on David Tebbutt’s blog – You calling me a consultant? – took me to: What’s the real value of social software in enterprise from Adriana Lukas, which leads us to this post…

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E-mail 2.0

How are we doing with email? How did we do without it? Or would we be better off without it. A number of things have put e-mail at the top of the discussion list in recent weeks, from blogs to national TV. The BBC’s Money programme covered the topic last friday (March the 7th – […]

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Where Are You Going? Vision, Mission and Values – Part I

Strategically Speaking Serendipity is putting mission and strategy in the middle of my world. They are curiously emotive terms, dividing people into either cynics or firm believers in a single breath. My passion for strategic planning has caused me to dig into these topics many times over the years. I firmly believe that you get […]

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