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What will Enterprise 2.0 look like? Some Thoughts from Crystal Balls

The technology used in businesses is changing rapidly. The technologies we use in the office today would have been the stuff of science fiction just a few decades ago. New technologies are arriving faster than most businesses can adapt and adopt. Within this change is the potential for both increasing, and decreasing, productivity. What is […]

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Happy New Year – Make 08 Great

A Happy New Year to you! 2007 is yesterday, 2008 is today. I am thinking about what gave the best returns in ’07, and plan to focus my efforts in those areas for ’08 – an “RoE” model. If you’ve been dragged through the mill on large IT projects or vendors, you will be familiar […]

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10 Tips To Gain You a Better 08

This is my 100th post and it is also the first anniversary of the WOWNDADI blog. It is only the 12th of December, but I’ve already been scooped on the first end of year review post for 2007, in my RSS feeds that honour goes to Chris Garrett for his great post on the 80/20 […]

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5 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Choice

As I was saying, too much choice can lead to too little happiness, but the psychology can be turned around. Thank you Melanie for the recent great comment, your “so this is progress” post nails so many of today’s technology overload issues on the head. Technology should make us more productive and efficient, not less. […]

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Too Much Choice – Too Little Happiness

These Things Come in Threes Three things in two days. First, I loose contact with my phone. Second, my MacBook Pro dies. Then, in a third and final twist, traffic on the blog increased by 2000% (yes, two thousand) and I get locked out of WordPress. Coincidence? Of course. I got a free lesson in […]

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Why Don’t You See What You Can Do in an Hour?

Here’s a productivity tip for you, especially if you are suffering from procrastination. It involves a little attitude shift and a mind trick, but it can be very effective. How often do you have a task that seems insurmountable or indigestible? Do you find that you just can’t get started on it? There is a […]

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Habitual Habits

Habits are curious things, studying them has been insightful and enjoyable. We are all creatures of habit, apparently. There is a lot of focus on breaking habits, but not much on making habits. Habits can be a problem, but they can also be a positive tool. Good reviewing habits are a key part of Getting […]

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