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Personality Sorters and Social Media – Part I

Understanding personality types is very useful, not just for self awareness, but for working in team environments, especially where social software, social media or any technology-mediated form of communication is in play. This post is for Lobelia and others, in response to her blog post on personality types “personality types, can you be sorted?”.

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Freud on Friday

Sorry, it is too tempting to resist! A little bit of Freud for you. The man has been out of fashion of late, rarely taught on Psychology courses and even the phrase ‘Freudian slip’ isn’t heard much anymore. Whilst most of his theories have been discounted, some of it is coming back into style – […]

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Be More Productive By Understanding How You See The World

Thanks to a post on Galba Bright’s Tune up your EQ blog, which mentions my post on humour in business, I am finally writing a long overdue post. Hopefully this doesn’t get too circular! Galba points to a video that appeared on Seth’s blog: Take thirty seconds to watch the video now…Hopefully you are suitably […]

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Too Much Choice – Too Little Happiness

These Things Come in Threes Three things in two days. First, I loose contact with my phone. Second, my MacBook Pro dies. Then, in a third and final twist, traffic on the blog increased by 2000% (yes, two thousand) and I get locked out of WordPress. Coincidence? Of course. I got a free lesson in […]

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Why Don’t You See What You Can Do in an Hour?

Here’s a productivity tip for you, especially if you are suffering from procrastination. It involves a little attitude shift and a mind trick, but it can be very effective. How often do you have a task that seems insurmountable or indigestible? Do you find that you just can’t get started on it? There is a […]

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Ever wondered why there is so much coincidence? Seth Godin blogged about some he experienced recently. The answer is simple… It is because sometimes we make it for ourselves, let me introduce Gestalt Psychology. Gestalt Psychology (nothing to do with the therapy of the same name) basically says that the brain tries to make sense […]

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The Now Habit – Dealing with Procrastination

Now, I was going to read a book on procrastination, but I kept putting it off. It would be funny if it wasn’t true!¬†Procrastination is a major issue in modern life, just check out where you’ll find there over 14,000 people who are trying to stop procrastinating – a veritable hive of habit breaking […]

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