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The Participation Pyramid

One of the most often cited statistics, when it comes to conversations about the percentage of people who contribute content versus people consuming it, is the 90-10-1 rule. You can read the original post from Jakob Nielsen’s blog, or there is a shorter summary on wikipatterns. It is usually mentioned in the same breath as […]

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A Perspective on Community

This post is a narrative on thoughts about community in and around the on-line world. It’s not complete, possibly not coherent, and is long. However, it does represents the output of a fascinating and thought provoking roundtable discussion convened by Bernie Mitchell, in the company of Misae Richwoods, Simon Darling, Filip Matous, Julie Hall at […]

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Culture or Technology in Business 2.0

One of the unusual things about social media in the business context is the dramatic way it impacts on business culture. Dennis Howlett wrote a long and interesting piece on his Zdnet blog about the Enterprsie 2.0 debate, or lack thereof. It is one that is intertwined with much of what I do, using blogs […]

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Social Media – Do Conversations Scale?

I should start by explaining how I come at this problem space. By history I am a network guy. I spent most of the 90’s thinking about networks, breaking networks, building networks and alternating between creating the mess and clearing it up as the Internet grew. More recently I’ve buried myself in the human aspects of technology, leading […]

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Power up your business with a Wiki

Reading a recent post on David Tebbutt’s blog – You calling me a consultant? – took me to: What’s the real value of social software in enterprise from Adriana Lukas, which leads us to this post…

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There are some conversations that we are afraid of. An awkward subject raised with a boss. A difficult exchange with a close relative. Explaining bad news. These are understood. There are also conversations that are awkward for a business. A discussion on the web about problems with a product, poor financial results, internal conflicts – […]

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Who’s are you? The Question of stolen (bits of) identity

I was wandering the streets of London this week, in a productive way of course, when I saw a familiar face. I nodded and he nodded back. “Are you who I think you are?” I said. “Well, that very much depends on who you think I am, doesn’t it?” he said.

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