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What will Enterprise 2.0 look like? Some Thoughts from Crystal Balls

The technology used in businesses is changing rapidly. The technologies we use in the office today would have been the stuff of science fiction just a few decades ago. New technologies are arriving faster than most businesses can adapt and adopt. Within this change is the potential for both increasing, and decreasing, productivity. What is […]

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The Rather Complex Issue of Identity

It has been a great week, I have done lots of things and met lots of people. However, I haven’t blogged, and I feel the poorer for it. Writing is gradually becoming a part of my identity. This post is with thanks to Ann Michael of Manage to Change and Liz Strauss of Successful Blog, […]

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Blocking FaceBook Manages What?

Computer Weekly arrived in my inbox today, with the front page nearly all about businesses blocking access to Facebook, because of employees time-wasting. I am sure they have run this story before, but I was more provoked by it this time around. For background, I have worked both in companies that would definitely block Facebook […]

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Wikipedia – A Means not an End

It was one of Seth Godin’s posts that kicked this thought chain off. I’m a regular follower of his blog, and normally I nod sagely at his wisdom, but for once I’m shaking my head furiously. Why? Because of the wikipedia gap. I’m thinking of it more as a chasm. I have recently restarted academic […]

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